W J Foster Cup

A silver cup presented in 1978 by W.H. (Bill) Lee, N.W. (Norman) Gant and several others as a memorial to their Leslie and Godwin colleague and friend W.J. (Willie) Foster, who was a keen Lloyd’s G.C. member. The cup is awarded to the pair with the best Veterans score in the Friday morning Stableford at the Summer Meeting.

A bachelor and a great eccentric in his later years, Foster made a will which left his estate according to a ‘slip’ which he carried with him at all times.

The ‘slip’ was divided into 64ths (the same basis as the equity in a ship) and he would frequently alter the beneficiaries or the amount of an inheritance according to his latest whim. When he died he left in excess of £200,000 and a lot of people were pleasantly surprised – including those who gave the trophy.



Year Winner
1978 J.T. Faber & J. Groom
1979 G.H.P. Pritchard & P.G.A. Newberry
1980 No record
1981 J.G. Hogg & M.R. Nutting
1982 G.H.P. Pritchard & P.G.A. Newberry
1983 F.L. Perkins & H.V. White-Smith
1984 H.R. Rokeby-Johnson & J. Groom
1985 M. Palmer & M.W. Nesbitt
1986 M. Palmer & M.W. Nesbitt
1987 M. Palmer & M.W. Nesbitt
1988 F.E. Hughes-Onslow & R.J. Coombes
1989 G.B. Mackay Forbes & A. F. Jackson
1990 W.N.M. Lawrence & H.R. Rokeby-Johnson
1991 J.J.P. Hine & R.J.G. Shaw
1992 B.L. Evens & J. Hewett-Hicks
1993 B.L. Evens & B.M. Roddick
1994 J.J.P. Hine & D.J. Marchant
2015 C.M. Davies & R.K. Ohlson
2016 J.C. Ticehurst & P.D.Whittaker
2017 W. Smith and W. Bushell
2018 P.Carroll & M.Faber