LGC Vs The Senior Golfers’ Society

LGC vs The Senior Golfing Society at New Zealand GC 5th June 2018

LGC match Manager David Gilchrist. SGS match manager Garry Brass. New Zealand Club secretary Roger Marratt

This was the 50th anniversary of this match and was well supported by the senior officials of LGC being, the President Richard Ohlson,The Captain Howard Cheetham and the secretary Simon Allport. It was also the first LGC match played by Michael Lilley who joined during this year.

The Captain of the SGS Alan Mann represented their side and spoke eloquently at luncheon.

It was a cold and rather misty day to start with but by the afternoon round the sun came out with a one club wind from the South East.

The course was in superb condition although the rough, due to heavy Spring rain was severe. The greens were excellent being approximately 9 on the Stimpmeter.

The result was as per the match sheet 9  1/2  —  6 1/2  to LGC although we were down 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 at luncheon. Following a fine oration from the captain and a good refuelling the side swept to a resounding victory with only one match lost and that was on the 18th.

LGC presented the assembled company with a pitch mark fork which had a magnetic ball marker attached. This ball marker had the LGC crest on one side and that of the Seniors’ on the reverse. Thanks to the efforts of the Secretary this proved to be a great success with all. The Seniors presented us with a 2  inch square tea biscuit which had been beautifully hand decorated with the Lloyd’s GC crest on it. This was done by the Seniors’ match manager’s niece. We all thought this a very touching gesture.


A Grand 50th Celebration

David Gilchris

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