LGC Vs the Himalayans Match Report

The majority of participants assembled on Thursday evening for a very enjoyable pizza at Luigis.

All were well behaved and returned to there respective abode safely.

It was a fine day by the sea and all foursomes got orf the 10th on time. Lloyds started well with our opening pair of Pres and Sandler bringing home a point.

Our second pair Hon Sec and Donald brought home a half………and then we tailed off!! Resulting in 5 ½ to 1 ½  in favour of the Himalayans at lunch.

As previously stated to all LGC members playing by the Captain (me), there was to be no rousing speech at lunch to the troops following the Lazarus tour disaster  !

This worked ! as although we weren’t able to pull back the morning’s deficit we halved the afternoon 3 ½ to 3 ½ thus resulting in a win to the Himalayans by 9 to 5.

Now off to the BAR match ……”

To vie full match result please click here