LGC Vs Rye – March 2015

Once again we gathered on the links of Rye for one of the tougher matches that we have during our season played over two days by the sea at Camber Sands. The weather had been atrocious during the days leading up to the match and we were all mightily relieved to arrive on Friday with the conditions greatly improved with only a light sprinkling of rain but the ever persistent North wind was still with us.

Our team on the first day consisted of The President Simon Clapham, Simon Davies, Patrick Webb, Neil Pearce, Howard Cheetham, Dermott Flood, John Garthwaite, Simon Allport, Andrew Smith, Captain Richard Ohlson, David Robson, Tom Prest, Andrew Groom, Richard Lock, James MacNaughton, Richard Harries

Our hopes of taking an early lead after the morning round were dashed but we went into lunch trailing by two points 3-5. Usually LGC fairs well post lunch and we managed to haul back the deficit to only one point with us heading to The George in Rye for dinner with the scores set at LGC 7 1/2 Rye GC 8 1/2. Our hopes were high.

Dinner went well with both teams getting into the spirit of the occasion.


Heston Orchard (RGC), Pat Murphy O’Connor, Piers Parnell (RGC)


David Robson


Our President & Nigel Wilkinson



PMOC & Cheets.

As we looked at the opposition through the haze of the party we felt certain that victory the next day was within our grasp. That was before Snooker at Chez Pearce!


Saturday morning began for most of us in fog and we arrived back at the clubhouse in various states of health paying the usual price for all our high spirits the night before. Neil rallied the troops as valiantly as he could and we manfully stepped to the first, 10th and 15th tees to commence battle trailing by a point. Could we do it, could we overtake Rye? Richard Costain had joined us to take over from Richard Harries and we were confident of success. Surely this time?


President & Howard Cheetham


David Robson

In short – No! We headed into lunch trailing by 5 points so a plot was hatched by us all which was to press on through from the night before and lunch well and take them at the last hurdle. A bold Strategy that needed precise execution by all of our team but was akin to juggling with carving knives.



As hard as we tried we tumbled like dominoes in the afternoon to suffer defeat by 8 points with the scores standing at LGC 12 RYE GC 20.

Regardless of the result we all had a cracking time and were well looked after by our hosts as is always the case. Our thanks to Neil Pearce and Anthony Lloyd for their organisation for both LGC and Rye.

Hon. Sec.