I.G.S.O.L. Captains Match Report

It was a glorious day as we set orf at New Zealand with both sides producing rather different line ups to the previous year.

The 90 degree rule had been explained to and agreed by IGS but there still seemed to be some confusion when on the course !

Nevertheless the. Morning was concluded in decent time with IGS edging it 3:2 up at lunch

A very orderly lunch ensued with not a kümmel to be seen !! So  much so the IGS Captain  (non morning playing ) didn’t have drop of alcohol … and then proceeded to make  a splendid showing in the afternoon.

Regrettably this was the sting in the tail as we only managed one point in the afternoon and thus the LGC Captain had ,for the second year running, to present the ……………………..cup to Richard Bracknell the IGS Captain

Howard Cheetham