Fixtures & Results

Lloyd’s Golf Club – Fixtures & Events 2019

Members wishing to play in any of the matches may apply online via the Matches & Meetings page or by contacting the Match Manager concerned.

Results displayed LGC score – Competitor score


Date Event Venue Arranged By Result
06/03/2019 Poets G.C. Walton Heath D A R Woodcock
07/03/2019 LGC Dinner Merchant Taylor’s Hall Dinner Secretary
12/04/2019 – 13/04/2019 Rye G.C. Rye N G Pearce
24/04/2019 Royal Ashdown Forest G.C. Royal Ashdown C P T Cantlay
25/04/2019 London Solicitors G.S. New Zealand T. Bowles
02/05/2019 Lucifer G.S. Walton Heath R K Ohlson
08/05/2019 Spring Meeting Walton Heath K Russell
19/05/2019 Royal Worlington & Newmarket G.C. Royal Worlington H R Rivington
20/05/2019 Aldeburgh G.C. Aldeburgh H R Rivington
31/05/2019 Chartered Surveyors G.S. New Zealand A Mackinnon
04/06/2019 Senior G.S. New Zealand G D Gilchrist
08/06/2019 Alba Trophy Woking Honorary Secretary
13/06/2019 – 14/06/2019 Netherlands Insurance G.S. New Zealand A C Westgate
07/06/2019 Battleback G.C. New Zealand A Findlay
17/06/2019 -18/06/2019 Old Etonian G.S. Royal West Norfolk G.S. T.Prest
19/06/2019 Past Presidents’ Meeting City of London Club Honorary Secretary
21/06/2019 I.G.S.O.L. New Zealand The Captain
05/07/2019-06/07/2019 Summer Meeting Royal St George’s M P Aylward
18/07/2019 Royal British Legion (Lloyd’s branch) Worpleson W Waddell-Dudley
19/07/2019 Baltic Exchange G.S. The Berkshire R. Henniker-Heaton
01/08/2019 C.I.B. (London) G.S. Royal Ashdown R C Kemp
17/08/2019 Circuit Judges G.S. New Zealand B.J. Wheeler
06/09/2019 Coutts & Co Royal Ashdown D Roberts
14/09/2019 Littlestone G.C. Littlestone S R Tillie
22/09/2019 LGC Under 35’s Sunningdale R. A. Sandler
18/09/2019 Wine Trade G.S. Royal Ashdown A Laing
26/09/2019 W.I.G.S. West Sussex E Vale
02/10/2019 Autumn Meeting The Berkshire James Dover
10/10/2019 The Himalayans Royal St George’s The Captain
12/10/2019 – 13/10/2019 Bar G.S. Rye The Captain
17/10/2019 Stock Exchange G.S. Worplesdon K Russell
04/12/2019 AGM Old Library – Lloyd’s Honorary Secretary