Coronavirus Notice

Dear Members,

We are living in interesting times as you are all aware and the situation is to say the least fluid but as a Golf Club that uses the facilities of other clubs we are to all intents and purposes at the hands of any decisions made by them in relation to how they approach handling the issues of mass congregation at their clubs.

In terms of Lloyd’s Golf Club’s position we ask all members to observe the Governments guidance in relation to mitigating the spread of the virus which I would describe as the application of common sense.

As regards the upcoming matches in March, April and May these the Committee’s advice to Members is that these are still going ahead as planned until we receive information from the Clubs concerned to the contrary.

However it is imperative that in accordance with medical and Government advice that if you believe you may be contagious/infectious, or recently been in close physical contact with anyone who is infected or self-isolating, that you abide by this advice. It is far better to err on the side of caution, so if you are in any doubt as to being able to play in a fixture you have signed up for, please let the Match Manager/Meeting Sec know as soon as you can.

I will endeavour to keep Members advised as to any changes to the status quo but to the greater degree an orderly calm approach to the situation is to be encouraged.


Kind regards

Hon. Sec,

Simon Allport