Autumn Meeting

The Autumn Meeting is always a big day for LGC with several of our most prestigious prizes to play for, including some aggregated with the year’s Spring and/or Summer Meetings.

The day is traditionally hosted by the Captain and Simon Allport generously provided a beautiful range of crystal gifts for our prize winners.  It was a day for him to remember, as he also achieved a Hole in One on the 18th in the afternoon – what a way to finish!  Many congratulations, Simon!

Whilst the day started somewhat chilly, we were very fortunate to avoid the week’s rain and enjoyed some lovely sunny weather for our golf.  The Berkshire G.C. was in beautiful condition, although many of us found the greens extremely fast and challenging, with several instances of players ‘de-greening’ their putts!

The Captain’s Prize and Tercentenary Salvor (winners of the aggregate) were David Polden and David Jones with 73 points.  Runners up were Oliver Daws and David Holden with 71 points.  Winners on the Red course were Alan Winch and Shaun Scade (38 points) and on the Blue course were James Dover and Simon Acland (31 points). The Veterans’ prize went to Simon Clapham and Wim Bushell (61 points).

The Neville Drury Cup (combined aggregate of Spring and Autumn Meetings) was won by David Polden (135 points).  The Buncombe Trophy (the same but for an U35 player) went to Oliver Daws (127 points).  The 1923 Captain’s Prize (combined aggregate Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings) was won by David Holden with a total of 155 points.

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks to James, our Autumn Meeting Secretary for all his hard work in organising a great day.