Summer Meeting 2018

The 2018 Summer Meeting was held at its regular venue of Royal St Georges in blazing sunshine for both days of the competition. The Friday morning’s format is a stableford competition for the Howden Challenge Cup (highest stableford score), the WJ Foster Cup (best veterans’ stableford score) and also determines which flight of the knock-out competitions each pair is entered in for. The Howden Challenge Cup was won by Tom Bassett and Adam England with 38 points and the WJ Foster Cup was won by Peter Carroll and Michael Faber. From Friday afternoon onwards, play enters the knock-out stages for three different flights of competition; the Cyril Winter Putter, the Hogg Trough and the Bedford Bowl.

These competitions proceed through Friday afternoon and Saturday morning with the finals being played on Saturday afternoon. Graham Findlay and Alex Findlay were victorious in the top flight Cyrill Winter Putter, Nick Young and Simon Cox won the Hogg Trough and the Bedford Bowl was won by Simon Allport and Simon Clapham. For those who have been knocked out of competitions by Friday evening, a draw takes place at the dinner in the clubhouse to enter the Saturday morning stableford competition with a new partner for the Quaiche. This competition was won by Alice Dickson and Angus Winthur with a very respectable 42 points.

We must thank Royal St Georges for hosting the Lloyd’s Golf Club in what was a very enjoyable couple of days and look forward to returning there 5th – 6th July 2019


Dickson & Winther 42 pts


Winners of The W J Foster Cup (Veterans)
Carroll & Faber


Winners of The Howden Challenge Cup
England & Bassett


Cyril Wintle Putter
Findlay & Findlay


Hogg Trough
Cox & Young


Bedford Bowl
Allport & Clapham